Call McAfee Support to Solve Your Antivirus Issues

Since past many decades, McAfee Security has been delivering strong security to its users, and this is a reliable security solution for providing efficient malware protection. McAfee also has a well-familiar track record and advanced research facilities which let it cover up online threats occurring daily over the web. The company also releases new antivirus updates regularly, which help your security software to deliver comprehensive security to your computer. However, due to any of the reason, your antivirus program isn’t updating itself or installed correctly, or you’re experiencing other technical issues, you must get worried and recognize the red flags.

Getting assistance quickly in such circumstances will not only protect your PC from getting infected but also assure that you never fall prey to any fake website, which can steal your personal information. If you’re facing any kinds of glitch in proper working of the McAfee security, you must instantly call McAfee Support Number for technical assistance. Also, you must look at the certain issues given below to see if your antivirus isn’t providing complete protection:

  1. McAfee setup/installation issues
  1. Unable to activate your antivirus software
  1. Not able to upgrade antivirus definitions
  1. Your Antivirus program isn’t scanning completely
  1. The system often crashes after installing the McAfee program
  1. Complete uninstallation corrupt your antivirus program
  1. Problems in identifying and removing viruses, malware, and spyware.


Need help to fix any of the above-listed issues? No worry! Just reach out the McAfee’s official site and click the Contact Us option to reveal the McAfee com contact us web page. Here, you will find the details related to McAfee support. The customer support team will fix your problem related to the antivirus program smoothly and efficiently. You will also get the 100% satisfactory result and the fast and efficient solution for your issues and concerns associated with your antivirus program.

On the off chance that you’re still challenging or any inconvenience identified with your McAfee antivirus programs, such as installation, uninstallation or other troubleshooting error as you’re unable to download the antivirus program or facing difficulties installing it or any kinds of problems related to updates, feel free to Call McAfee customer support number. The experts will provide a momentary solution for your snags related to the antivirus. So, just call at the same contact number to get the quick and reasonable solution for your McAfee security program.


6 Steps to Activate Kaspersky Commercial Licenses

Kaspersky comes with both personal and professional editions of its antivirus and Internet security program. You can download almost all Kaspersky versions from its official site. Still, to use this antivirus in the commercial environment, it’s necessary to activate it using an activation code and business license. You can get the activation code by acquiring a commercial license from its site. Follow these steps that are retrieved from Kaspersky customer support to activate the commercial licenses effortlessly.

  1. Open your Kaspersky antivirus software. You can buy the application and enable the trial version right from the application if you have already installed its trial version. Launch the expired trial-based antivirus program, click ‘Buy Now,’ and then continues with the prompts to obtain the activation code.
  2. Start the Kaspersky program, and if the trial version has terminated, you get the warning ‘Computer security is at risk. License: expired.’ At such time, you need to input the activation code manually.
  3. Click the ‘Insert Your Activation Code Here’ button in the lower right corner of the notification area. The Licensing window appears.
  4. Click on the ‘Activate the Application’ option to reveal the ‘Select Activation Method’ menu. Select the radio button beside the ‘Activate Commercial Version.’
  5. Input the 20-digit activation code into the specified fields. This code is separated into four segments of five digits each. Click ‘Next.’ The application links to its official website and downloads the product license key.
  6. Click on the ‘Finish’ button to enable the Kaspersky with the commercial license.

This information is related to the Kaspersky Antivirus 2013  retail version. If you have another edition of the product, you can call on the Kaspersky online tech support number to obtain the step-wise process of activation that may be slightly or significantly this version.

Fixing Acer Laptop Display Issues Made Easy!

Acer is one of the most popular brands of laptops, renowned for quality, performance and value for money. Despite its outstanding features, there might be some problems with the laptop from time to time. These include display issues such as incorrect color, screen fading and display freezing. It is a good idea to seek professional assistance by calling Acer customer service number. Alternatively, you can resolve these issues by adjusting display settings, brightness levels and updating the display driver, respectively. Here are the steps to follow:

Adjusting the Display Settings

  • Press the Fn key
  • At the same time, brighten the display by tapping the right arrow key
  • Conversely, darken the display by tapping the left arrow key
  • Release the Fn key for saving the display settings

Adjusting the Color Settings

  • Start by right clicking on the desktop and clicking ‘Graphic Properties’
  • Click ‘Display Settings’ and choose a resolution setting from drop-down menu. Then check the resolution by clicking ‘Apply’; finally, save he setting by clicking ‘OK’
  • Click ‘Color Correction’ for adjusting screen color and move the contrast/brightness slider to left or right. Check color resolution by clicking ‘Apply’ followed by clicking ‘OK’ to save the setting
  • Exit ‘Graphic Properties’ application by clicking ‘OK’

Updating the Display Driver

  • Begin by right clicking on the desktop, followed by clicking ‘Personalize’, ‘Display Settings’ and then ‘Advanced Settings’
  • Next click the tab ‘Intel® Graphics’ and select ‘Monitor Properties’, followed by clicking ‘Driver’
  • Then click ‘Update Driver’ and select ‘Search Automatically’
  • Install updated monitor driver by clicking ‘Install’. Once the driver is installed, click ‘OK’ for restarting the laptop

If you are unable to resolve the display issues with these steps, it would be better to call Acer customer service phone number and get technical help from experts available there.

What To Do When Epson Printer Doesn’t Print As Expected

Being an Epson Printer user, you always expect your printing machine to perform consistently. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work according to the plan all the time. When your inkjet printer isn’t able to print correctly, even if you perform regular maintenance, the signs of your problem can range from an ugly printout to blank sheets of paper rather than a well-ordered stack of document pages. If your printer is having printout issues, which are not related to print quality, you should gain the help of experts at Epson printer customer support phone number. Also, take a look at the solutions listed below for the Issues:


Improper or garbled characters

  • Check that you’re using the compatible printer driver for your printer.
  • Make a default selection of your printer in Windows.
  • Restart your printer and computer, and check that the interface cable of your printer is connected properly.

Inappropriate margins

  • See the margin settings in your program. Check that the margins are in the page’s printable area.
  • Check the settings on the ‘Paper’ menu (Windows) or in the ‘Page Setup’ dialog box (Mac). Check the paper size settings are correct for the margins you’re using.

Inverted image

  • Deselect the ‘Flip Horizontal’ checkbox in the printer program or disable the ‘Mirror’ setting in your app. For more help, you can consider the help of Epson technicians for your printer software or the application.
  • Mac users can access the ‘Advanced Settings’ to get more details.

Blank pages printout

  • Check that you’re using the correct printer driver for your Epson printer.
  • Make a default selection of your printer in Windows.
  • Check the settings on the ‘Paper’ menu (Windows) or in the ‘Page Setup’ dialog box (Mac). Check the paper size settings are correct for the margins you’re using.
  • Run the Head Cleaning tool to clear out all blocked nozzles.

After trying these solutions, run a print test to see the problem is resolved. You must be aware of how to run a printer operation. Also, you can avail Epson support regarding that.

The Printout has smudges on the bottom edge

  • If the paper is frizzy to the printable side, curl it or flatten it slightly in the opposite direction.
  • Set the correct lever from the position and deselect the ‘High Speed’ checkbox in your printer driver’s ‘Advanced’ dialog box, which is accessible via the Main menu while ‘Custom’ is chosen as the ‘Mode’ setting. To disable this option, you should change the setting related to the ‘Print Quality.’

Printing is too slow

  • Check that the ‘Media Type’ setting in your Epson printer software is accurate.
  • Choose the ‘Automatic’ option as the Mode settings on the Main menu of your printer software, and then shift the slider to speed.
  • Close all the running applications that you are not using currently.
  • If you upgraded your Windows version, uninstall the printer software, and then reinstall the appropriate and latest version of the software.
  • For Epson printer that uses the parallel port, you can turn on the DMA transfer if your system supports ECP mode.

Still, if the problem continues, it’s highly advisable to call at the Epson service phone number and seek experts help to get your printout issues resolved within a short span of time.

How to Troubleshoot Brother HL-5240 Laser Printer

Troubleshooting anything is a method to fix the problems. Microsoft Windows comes with an on-screen instructions wizard, but it hardly seems to be running. Follow one step at a time to troubleshoot, and then after every step, check if the error is resolved. Brother HL-5240 laser printer is quite easy to use and troubleshoot, however, if you face any troubles or get wrong printouts while printing, take the steps that are retrieved via the Brother printer service number USA, to fix several issues. Here’s how to troubleshoot the most common printer issues.

Poor Print Quality

While using the HL-5240 laser printer, you may get poor quality printouts on the paper as it’s faded or distorted. At such time, you may get different bad quality prints during printing documents. Check the troubleshooting process to solve the problem.

  • Faded Prints

You may get the faded print on the paper when there is not a sufficient toner in the laser printer, which means that you need to replace or refill the old or empty toner cartridge. To know the stepwise guide for replacing it, you can contact Brother Support.

  • Rough Printing Quality

After printing near about 8000 pages, the printer’s drum unit starts to wear down; thus it will cause printing quality to reduce even though the toner is filled. At such time, you should try to replace the drum unit with the help of technicians.

  • Dirty Prints

The inner part of the printer will start to get dirty naturally, which will cause documents to become dirty and low quality. So, it’s necessary to clean it on a regular basis. See the process to clean the printer’s inside components by visiting the Brother’s official site.

Jammed Paper

Paper misfeed or jams mainly occur while any paper is stuck or trapped in the back of the printer. Usually, in such situations, you can seek the expert help by contacting the Brother Printer support number to fix the paper jams.

  • Fix a Paper Jam

Occasionally, with the Brother HL-5240 Laser printer, the paper will get stuck in the unit; thus it will stop other documents from printing them. At such time, the only approach to remove the paper jam is to uncover the printer and extract the document using the hand.

Insufficient Memory

Sometimes, your Brother Printer may stop printing any more documents because of lack of memory. At such time, try to boost up the memory space or add more memory.

  • Replace Memory

If you need to save too many documents on the printer, then the memory eventually cannot hold several details. To provide the extra space, you require replacing the memory inside the printer with larger memory storage. If you don’t know how to add additional memory, acquire the stepwise process by calling at the Brother Printer phone number.

Dusty Prints

Sometimes, the printer’s fine black powder on it can cause the print to become faded. In such circumstances, you should wipe the Corona Wire on your laser printer’s Drum Unit.

Wipe the Corona Wire on Drum Unit

If you leave your printer open, then the dirt can find its way to enter inside it that can cause the quality of the documents to reduce. The dust will muddy the corona wire, which is placed on the printer’s drum unit. So, to solve the dirty prints, the corona wire requires being cleaned. Still, if you have any concerns, call at the Brother Printer service number for the resolution.

Any other related issue visit this


Steps for sending Yahoo Mail to Facebook

When you sign up for a Facebook profile, a web-based email is automatically offered to you. If you already have another email account as in Yahoo!, you would prefer to have the same sent to the Facebook mail account so that all the mails can be accessed at a single place. For this, you can avail assistance at Yahoo Customer Service Number or try forwarding Yahoo! mail to Facebook email account. For doing the same, you would require a paid service called Yahoo! Plus. The following steps need to be carried out for the same:


  • Start by opening the web browser and accessing the Yahoo! email account by visiting Enter the login details and then click ‘Sign In’.
  • Reach the drop down menu on the upper right hand corner and click on ‘Options’. Then scroll and click ‘More Options’, which will open up a new page.
  • Click on ‘POP & Forwarding’ option which lies on the left side of the page.
  • Choose the ‘Forward your Yahoo! Mail’ option.
  • Next input the Facebook mail address in the field provided for ‘Forward mail to the following address’. The address is the Facebook user name with written after it.
  • Now click on ‘Save Changes’ after which a window called ‘Verify Email Address’ will be seen. It will have a series of three steps which have to be completed before the mails are forwarded to the new address.
  • Click the link ‘Send Code’ in Step 1 of the window, following which a message will be sent by Yahoo! to the Facebook mail address.
  • Now login to Facebook and click ‘Messages’ on the screen’s left, right under the profile picture so that you may access the Facebook email account. The ‘Messages’ folder will receive all the messages that are sent to the Facebook mail address. It will also have the mail from Yahoo! that has the ‘Confirmation Code’ which comprises of alphanumeric characters. Copy this code.
  • In step 3 of the Verify Email Address window, paste the copied confirmation code and click ‘Done’.

If you are unable to resolve this issue with these steps, it would be better to reach yahoo customer care and avail help of the expert and certified professionals who are there to provide round the clock support to the users for all Yahoo! issues. See more on Facebook issues by dialing Facebook customer support number.


What to do if Window 8 Store Stops Working?

Though after the launch of Windows 8, there were several other versions of Windows OS launched by the experts, it is still considered to be one of the best versions because of all its user-friendly interface and hidden features. However, if you are a frequent user of this, you might have come across the problem where the Windows 8 Store has stopped working. Well, this is not something which cannot be fixed; however, the users are required to pay a few significant steps. If you are unaware of the procedure, you can obviously dial Microsoft windows 8 support phone number to seek for expert’s guidance. Alternatively, you can also follow the three different methods that are given below for troubleshooting the Windows 8 Store issue.

Method 1: This method is probably the best and the simplest way through which you can actually fix the problem of Windows 8. And so, we would highly recommend you to run the Windows 8 App troubleshooter for diagnosing and troubleshooting the matter. For downloading this, you need to visit the official site of Windows 8, and then follow the on-screen instructions after clicking on the link of Windows 8 App troubleshooter.

Method 2: Now, if the first method doesn’t seem helpful to you, you can move on or skip to the method 2. So, if you are you are using Microsoft account, it is recommended to you to immediately switch to the Local account, followed by checking the working ability of how the apps work.

Also, we have mentioned below these steps for switching from Microsoft to Local account. Go through it once.

  • At first, you need to press the “Windows key +W”
  • While moving ahead, you must not forget to type “users” in the search box.
  • Now, it is necessary for you choose the option for “Users,” which you can find from the left panel.
  • While you are going further, you must ensure that you have clicked on the option that says “Switch to a Local account”. And, the option for which you will find just below the field of username.
  • Make sure that you have chosen the option that prompts “Switch to a local account”.
  • Now, you need to choose the required details.
  • Now, all you need to do is to login to the local account, followed by checking how the apps work.

For users, who are already using the local account, it is advisable to directly follow the steps that are mentioned-below.

  • Click on the “Windows key +W”
  • You are supposed to type “users” in the search box
  • Don’t forget to choose the option for “Users,” which you can find from the left panel
  • Now, it is quite significant for you to click on the option that says “Switch to Microsoft account,” which can be easily found just below the username account
  • You must also enter the required details.
  • In the end, you are supposed to restart the computer, followed by trying to login with the help of the new Microsoft account.

Method 3:

  • Alternatively, if none of the above methods seem helpful, the best thing that you can do is to create a new user account, followed by checking how the apps work. And for that, you must follow these steps:
  • At first, you are supposed to press the “Windows Key + W”
  • Also, you need to type users in the search box, followed by selecting the option for “Users” option, which you can avail from the control panel
  • While you are moving ahead, you must choose another option that says “Add Users” under the option for “Other users” option
  • It is now significant for you to add the user profile details, followed by logging in to the new user account, and then you have to check if this fixes the issue

Just in case, if you have any other problems that are related to it, make sure that you have given a call to the experts on Microsoft windows 8 service number. And, if you don’t have this number, you can avail it from the website of Mycustomerservice. It is an online directory that provides numbers for all the USA and Canada-based customer services.